TripScout Discovery


How Might Tripscout Inspire people to find new places?

After exploring the TripScout app, I realized there was something missing: a way for people to find new places to travel to.

Empathize: TripScout allows users to search by city name or scroll through an alphabetized list of all destinations. Since users can't see much info about each city without purchasing a travel guide, they are likely only using the app for cities they have already decided to travel to. Is there an opportunity to also help people discover new destinations?

Definition: I talked to a group of 12 potential users about how they decide on a travel destination and they said three things: how far away it is, the overall vibe or type of travel, and the activities the destination has to offer. Cost is a factor too, but usually considered later. They also all said they wanted to see a destination before going there, so photos would be important.

Ideation & Prototype: I made an icon based discovery entry point. To make discovery more fun and human, I tried out a conversational, split out filter form. The user would see this the first time they clicked on 'discover' and be able to access it from the filter icon in the future. The inspiration for this came from ClassPass. The circle filter inspiration came from Apple Music and a UX Engineer friend, Will Justice.

I also wanted the user to focus on only one destination at a time (like tinder), so I moved away from a list to a carousel of cards. I added in a bright green to the TripScout palette and used it in a button gradient and photo overlay to make the app feel more modern.

The "where do you want to go" list and the bottom navigation are existing TripScout designs and not my own work.