Product Design and Development

Rosalind was a self researched, designed, and developed project I created after having countless frustrating experiences with medical professionals and no easy way to take control of my own health. It is a universal medical record that allows people to collaborate with doctors to have a holistic view of their health.

I started by integrating the 23andme API to bring in info on single nucleotide polymorphisms, which can explain a person's genetic predisposition for certain conditions. After that, I worked on building the rest of the patient portal side, including a place to track mind, body, and lifestyle history, a comprehensive view of medical tests, and an easy way to see and contact doctors.

The initial code can be found on my github account. I stopped developing the project when my job took over, but I've continued to research and design the portal over the past year and am learning vue.js so I can bring it to fruition one day soon.